​Type II diabetes
First of all here are the NON published ranges for said type 2 A1C.
Your AME should tell you these beforehand, however some don't. 
​1-4, is normal. 
5-6.5 is non reportable to the FAA medical division. It is simply pre diabetes.
6.5-9.0 is covered under special issuance with metformin being the drug of choice as it is FDA approved and has almost zero side effects. Once given the aforementioned drug, you must wait 30 days to see how the medication deals with you and vice versa. 
After the 30 days window, another blood draw & to see how the medication is doing. 
Greater than 9.0 is a bust, again there is NO where on the FAA website to find these values. I had to find out the hard way. 
Controlling it with diet and exercise is still the best way. 
I can suggest and recommend the Dr. McDougall's program.