777 wing on approach to Dubai
same wing, now with full flaps down..
Better days
great aircraft, sad display
Yes, that's dirt on the window and the wing. Pretty much the way it is for all aircraft in the ME after any rain.
Approaching Las Vegas from the North East.
This is what happens when a welcome rug gets sucked into a running engine.
The amount of wires that run above you in a Business aircraft
And wires In the cockpit as well
An older 747 being parted out in Jeddah.
Chicago at night
Dubai UAE from 6000ft
The full moon and sun still out at 39000ft
The COLD waters of lake Michigan at 38000ft.
Great view of New York City
our Gov at work
KEGE is under there some where
In ME as a sand storm hits
5 min after the sand storm started
15 min later and the visibility is almost zero and no, it's not evening, it's 2pm! it stayed that way for over 4 hours.
Yes, it does rain in the ME...They even have cloud seeders that fly and "help" it rain.
Unfortunately, when it does rain, there is no place for the water to run off to.  Roads become lakes
one of the more interesting buildings in the ME
The rugged terrain of western KSA
Dubai's Palm Island
NOT a pilots fault, bad assembly and it locked up the outer brake.
A trip around the world for the ICF (international crane foundation) taking Siberian crane eggs to Russia in a citation V (5)
Victor APP
fuel gauges on a F900, sadly in flight and about to land...sensor problem.
Awesome VTOL's
This is why you either get a hangar or move the aircraft. The de-ice bill was around $3,500.00!
Same day, frozen snow, very hard packed. very heavy as they had a Citation sit on it's tail due to the weight!