Paul E. Jumes
Chief Pilot,
Managing Partner
J & P Aero

Greg Jumes
Security Specialist
J & P Aero

Founder VIctor app

Currently Providing PSD world wide.
Elise Jumes
Internet Marketing
J & P Aero
Mr. Jumes is the founder of Victor App, an app designed to help service men and women transitioning out of active duty to civilian life as well as any former military no matter the age. He has over 10 years combined experience with the USMC and Private Security Companies (the fore mentioned being PSD) in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. 

Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps.
•Wide experience in patrolling, CQB, escalation of force procedures, Cordon and Search, and Fixed site security.
•Trained in Marine Corps Martial arts Program and MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain).
•Excellent communication and situational awareness.
•Mr. Jumes has conducted over 400 mounted combat patrols in the Al An bar province.
•While operating in Iraq Mr. Jumes held the billet of Driver, Vehicle commander, Radio operator, Vehicle gunner, and Team leader
•AST/J&P Aero’s UAV pilot program and Aircraft Security course 
•Combat Hunter course, Apr.2007-May.2007
•School of Infantry, Oct.2006-Dec.2006
•Marine Corps Recruit Training, Jul.2006-Oct.2006

J&P Aero provides aircraft consulting, management, aircraft training, security, acquisition, sales, and pilot services for Citation I, II and V, Hawker 700,750,800,800xp,850xp,900xp,RA-390,Astra/G100, Flacon 900/50 and Hawker 4000 Jets in addition to most turboprop aircraft since 2005. With over 35 years of Aviation experience and extensive knowledge of these aircraft, professional training and experience with Federal Aviation Regulations and Cockpit Resource Management that make J&P Aero the best source for the aforementioned needs. I have been everything from General Manager and Chief Pilot to Aircraft Cleaner, Director of Saftey, aircraft security and fueler.  I conduct each job with detail and a pure love of Aviation.  
I have been trained by most all of the major training facilities such as Flight Safety, Simuflite and SimCom. I have held single pilot waivers for the Citation V aircraft as well as 135 single pilot authorizations. 
I am used to flying high-profile passengers such as then speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Vice-President Dan Quayle, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Charlton Heston, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and Saudi Royals in addition to numerous celebrities. Their security, safety and privacy are never compromised .
 I have been security checked and passed by TSA, DHS, FBI, Capital Police, NSA, Saudi Secret Police and Scotland Yard. 
My international operations experience includes Europe, Russia, South Pacific, Mexico, Middle East, Central and South America and Canada. 
Some of my duties have included coordination of crew schedules for all flights as well as semi-annual training for all pilots and mechanics and supervising the maintenance department activities for a very diverse fleet of corporate aircraft. I have been responsible for all staffing and daily flight operations, including interviewing and hiring of all aviation personnel, international shipping of aircraft and aircraft parts, inventory control and procurement of all aircraft specific equipment.
I have also directly managed and implemented aircraft acquisition and sales. In this capacity, I was personally responsible for locating and handling the purchase and sale of numerous jet, turbine and rotor wing aircraft to fit the need of several missions.
 I acquired extensive experience negotiating insurance requirements, assigning escrow agents to handle each of the financial transactions, performing Title and Lean searches and coordinating "Like Kind" exchange vs. outright sale and joint ownership programs. 
I was also responsible for hangar, aircraft and flight security. This included access control both armed and unarmed to aircraft and hangars no matter their location in the world.  
​Since 2004 I have in partnership with a Chicago firm, developed both an Aircraft Security Course and Airborne Security Officer Program as well as currently developing a UAV/UAS pilot program & craft for additional clients.
Anti Drone consulting. ​

-Security Police Tactics Course USAF
-Security Specialist Couse USAF

Miss Jumes Graduated early with honors from Charter Arts & Academics High School in 2010. Although fairly young she is bilingual (English/French) and has traveled both Domestically and Internationally as an accomplished photographer and has displayed her work at numerous exhibits. Miss Jumes has also worked for a large auto sales company in Wisconsin where she assisted in internet sales and created all the templates and timelines for that sales department as well as interfacing with all customers through email, internet and telecommunications methods. 
She Graduated college in 2015 with Honors and is returning to acquire her masters degree while continuing to assist in J&P Aero’s internet sales and advertising.