J & P Aero is a limited Partnership that was formed in early 2005.  We are dedicated to help match the right aircraft for the mission, the best maintenance for the inspection, the correct security for the job and the safest pilot for your peace of mind.  To accomplish that we draw on over 30 years of aviation experience that include maintenance, security, management, piloting and sales.  

We specialize in a number of things and they are;

1. Getting you the correct airplane that will fit your mission.
   A. We are not bound to any one manufacturer.

2. Contract pilot services* and ferry flights.
   B. (see below listed aircraft)

3. Aircraft Security. 
   C. Consulting, airborne personnel and training **

4. Aircraft sales and acquisition.

5. Flight Instruction.
   D. Most aircraft (CFI, II, MEI current)

6. Aircraft Maintenance consulting.

*Flight Safety, Simuflite or Simcom trained and type Rated in C-500 (C-500,501,550 & 560) WW1125 (Astra, AstraSP, SPX and G100) HS-125(400,700,750,800,800XP,900XP),F900/50, RA-390,390S and RA-4000

​First Class Medical 
Valid Passports

Most all single engine and multi-engine aircraft.
**A Comprehensive, proactive approach committed to your teams safety.

Heart Saver AED and PADI Medic First Aid trained.
Member PADI