Upper Russia, notice the metal parking "area" and the red arm band!
Still flying the seaplanes in Russia!
KGB and friends at this airport
Premier with the moon still showing.
Las Vegas as seen from an Astra
Entering the clouds
Nice foggy day
Yes, the boots work!
landing in lake Michigan
Take off run on lake MIchigan
Before photo of the SV44
After photo of the SV44 in CT
C208 on Lake Michigan
G21G before new paint.
Sea Dart!
talk about a Jet ski !!
Early Morning for the ol girl
Now you see it
And now you dont.  The fog rolled in fast that day.
sun set in a G100
Winslow AZ crater site from 38000ft
The Moon at 41000ft.
Hawker 800xp wing
Old Boots taken off a G100 and prepping for the new ones to be installed.
New boots laid out ready for install.
New boots on the wing.
Old School airline cockpit. The good ol days
G21A at sun and fun
Welcome to the islands mon
Ventral tank on a Hawker 800